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New Program ~ Spring 2018

Custom Planted Containers


Do you have more pots to fill than free time in the spring?

Do you want your annual containers looking full and blossoming as soon as you put them outside?

Do you have an event you would like your yard or business looking great for early in the season?

Do you love the look of brightly colored porch pots, but don’t necessarily love planting them?


We can help you!  Starting in the spring of 2018, Tin Roof Garden will be planting up custom annual containers and planters for home owners and small businesses.  We did a trial run this spring and it was a hit, so we’d like to extend this offer to you as well.


Bring in your empty containers this fall, any size or shape, any quantity.  We will over winter them in our greenhouse, free of charge.  Select a color scheme for your plants and tell us the light conditions where the container will be sitting.  We’ll plant you a custom annual container that will be full and looking beautiful at the beginning of the season.


In February we begin the planting process. We order healthy young annual plants, called plugs, to start growing in your containers.  We fertilize, water and trim the plants to keep them healthy and happy.  We will keep your plants in our heated greenhouse until May 9th.


The total cost for potting up your containers is $3.25 per plant. This price includes filling your pots with fresh soil, the plant itself, and the time and labor involved in the care and watering of the plants until they are ready to send out.  If you bought annuals straight from our tables to plant up yourself, the cost would be $3.99 per plant and you still need soil and time to finish the project.   


We would like you to reserve a space in our custom planter program as soon as possible. The deadline to reserve a spot will be September 30th.  We order plugs for the coming spring in mid-October and need to plan accordingly. 


If you would like to participate in this program, we would like your containers dropped off by October 31st as that is our last day of the season.  We will accept window boxes, hanging baskets, porch pots or any other container you need filled with plants.  Drop off and pick up of containers must be done by the customer.  Tin Roof Garden does not deliver or pick up containers.   


You can reserve a spot in the custom annual planter program by calling 715-834-4232, please leave a message if no one answers, or email us at getyourplants@tinroofgarden.com.  Or stop out at Tin Roof Garden for a visit and set up your reservation in person.  If you have questions, please use the contact information listed above.  If you know someone who would be interested in this program, please feel free to share this information.  Thanks to all of you, word of mouth is our best advertising! 


Fall hours:
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Closing for the Season
October 14th, 2017